16 rules for dating my teenage daughter

12-Jul-2017 08:54

After a while though, the additional viewership subsided and the sitcom averaged 9.98 million and ranked 50th for the season. can’t control himself and immediately tells Bridget. Over the phone, Cate and Ed agree that they are actually dating and she decides to take the big step of telling the kids. While they’re all arguing, it comes out that Cate’s begun dating Ed. She’s surprised that he cares so much and is touched.

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now finds herself in the precarious position of raising three teenagers on her own. My favorite episode from this season is a tie, between "Get Real" (David Spade's The younger daughter was extremely disrespectful and mouthy.- Buy 8 Simple Rules: The Complete First Season (Bilingual) at a low John Ritter and Katey Sagal team up in 8 SIMPLE RULES, ABC's hit family comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny.