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After the meetings when it was turn for the Child to have fun, we all participated in “field trips” and “jumping up and down parties.”.

All this new thinking occurred historically in synchronicity with the backdrop of the revolutionary 1960s in San Francisco where Berne’s home was near the Haight-Ashbury district.

the onset I developed the positive uses of the energies of the triangle and called it the Compassion Triangle, where (1) One recognizes that there is at least 10% of minor forgivable reasons for taking each gamey position in the (2) One realizes that everyone, self included, is actually playing all three roles at once, overtly or covertly, in or out of awareness.In the early days, the first Synthesis in TA occurred when the Goulding School, and also Cathexis schools, used regression therapy techniques to plumb deeper levels of the Child experientially, but then returning to Adult consciousness to make objective science of the original theory the method uncovered, with new insights, diagrams, and lists that were true to Berne’s Occam’s Razor standard.The Three R’s of TA regression therapy for the “NOW” could be Redecision, Reparenting, and Relational. Shortly after Berne’s death in 1960, I suggested and got voted in, the establishment an Annual Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award to preserve the continuing theory growth which was Berne’s purpose of the 202.These could be the ulterior setups to get to the Payoff in game theory (diagram below). “Transactional Options” can also be used to get out, among other ways.

This will be discussed later as we put two compassion triangles together to move from the principles of Family Peace to World Peace.

With time for the audience discussion, other TA models will be discussed by the many TA people who are working on the problem of World Peace in their own way, in the spirit of the classic “Hundredth Monkey” story.