Cambodia children sex

16-Nov-2017 04:59

In 2014, UNICEF reported 18 percent of Cambodian women marry under the age of 18.

While this may increase the risk of girls being forced to marry, and girls being forced to marry if they fall pregnant through rape, there is insufficient data to suggest this is widespread.

Cambodian children are exploited as beggars in Cambodian cities and surrounding tourist hot spots like Angkor Wat, as well as abroad in Thailand and Vietnam.

There is limited data indicating the extent of children trafficked into this situation; however, estimates from Friends International research suggest as many as 80 percent of child beggars in Thailand are Cambodian.

Cambodian men, often highly transient because of their need to travel to secure employment, are subjected to forced labour on fishing vessels in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

with Cambodians accounting for 40 percent of fishers across four major Thai ports.

Poor wages, poor health and safety conditions, excessive noise, poor air quality, unsanitary environments and employer abuse are common.

In some smaller factories that operate as subcontractors for exportoriented factories, workers are employed as casual workers or on short-term contracts that allow employers to easily dismiss employees and intimidate workers against speaking out about abuse for fear their contract will not be reviewed.

Out of the estimated 201,000 people in forced labour, the Walk Free survey found an estimated 60 percent of victims of forced labour were in the manufacturing sector, some of whom may have been employed in the apparel sector.

A literature review found no available research on forced marriage, highlighting the need for further investigation.

Some limited figures are available on the prevalence of early marriages.

The presence of the sex tourism industry has led to the sexual exploitation of street children.

The majority of street children who have been identified as victims of this abuse are boys, with many citing foreign nationals as the perpetrators.

Cambodian women, eager to escape impoverished lives in rural villages, are entering brokered marriages to Chinese men in the hope of a more lucrative life.

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