Cute ways to say yes to dating

20-Nov-2017 23:46

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I am so so excited, but I need a cute way to say yes.He asked me by making sure I was golfing right behind him and his friend at high school golf practice and he left me cute notes in the holes at the golf course! Make a little "booklet" with these words on the front cover: "15 (or whatever number you want) Reasons to Go to the Prom With You"Inside, write an "answer" on each page: I want to I want to I want toetc." And so to answer him I asked his dad's permission and took a glow stick and broke it open and wrote on his wall "of course I would love to go with you." It was cute and short.

" our mutual friend knew all about it so she's helping me answer him back. Funny part was that he asked me two weeks before spring break and we waited till after spring break to answer him. He had this cute little boy come to the door all dressed up in a tux and holding a ton of roses.This is a guide about saying yes to a prom invitation. If it were me, I would reply in person: Yes, I would love to go with you, No, I have a date, No, I am not going to the Prom.