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28-Jun-2017 17:51

Beyond the usual “Are the hours really that bad?!!! All analysts get amount of time off, even if it’s limited to a week after bonuses are awarded and your second year begins.

They exist, even for bankers – what else are you gonna spend all your cash money on? Will you spend Christmas in front of your tree, or in front of Excel?

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The only reason to a vacation is if you don’t have solid deal experience and would compromise that by taking time off – otherwise, no one “gives you points” for killing yourself.

Normally it’s better to go through senior bankers, but for something like vacations you could ask HR or your staffer: an MD might not even want to think about such issues.

In the US, it is assumed that you will not show up on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day unless you have a huge deal going on and you absolutely need to be there.

In the press release, the group states that the attacks against the Church of Scientology will continue in order to protect the right to freedom of speech and end what they believe to be the financial exploitation of church members.

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Many protesters wore masks based on the character V from V for Vendetta (who, in turn, had been influenced by Guy Fawkes), or otherwise disguised their identities, in part to protect themselves from reprisals from the Church.You can take scattered days and weekends off here and there for weddings or major family events, but it’s unusual to get an entire week off in your first few months.