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01-Nov-2017 18:12

I am working until February 4th and don't know how I'm going to cope with no break whatsoever while he is away.

Basically, when he returns from the project, I'll be in labour!

I don't know, my support network seems to be all or nothing. He seems to be able to sleep through many things Thanks again Bye for now Tracy Hi, am new to this but glad I'm not the only one out there who has a husband working offshore.

He works a 4 week rotation and I have two energetic toddlers, one, 2 years and the other 16 months and teething so life can be quite tiring!!

I can agree with the whole week before he comes back mood completely and I find that tiring the boys out with lots of fresh air and activity helps.

Also I have to have everything organized especially in the morning before I work etc!

My son is now 20 months & to be honest my memories of that early stage is a bit of a blur & i don't know how i got through it!

What i would say is that you must get yourself out of the house daily, be it for a walk or a wonder down the shops or even a cup of coffee out becuase being on your own in the house all day & night is enough to drive anyone mad!

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However, the flip side is that offshore work (as you know) is hard & so you need to time your moment. But the real upside is the amount of time we have together when he is home.

Was alone for 7 years so used to my own company (I thought). We don't have any real friends as when he's home he likes to chill at home and just be with me - which is nice. My kids have their own lives although they're good and do come see me.