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On salt, I am lucky enough to have one more box of really salty tasting kosher salt that I use in bread.

As with half the good stuff for sale in Manila, it is now no longer in stock and the store doesn’t know if they will ever get it again… In fact, most recipes are done using measurements that approximate fine grain iodized salt.

If I need sugar that has to disappear into the dish, I buy the Peotraco caster sugar from better groceries which is finer and not that much more expensive.

I also use their powdered sugar for icing on the “annual” gingerbread house.

Several readers have left comments regarding some of the key ingredients that I use for pan de sal and other baked goods so I thought I would put a quick post on the basics for those of you who are interested… First, the flour.

I normally use the readily available Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour for recipes that specify all-purpose flour.

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For cakes, I used boxed Maya cake flour only because I haven’t seen anything else, have had mediocre results with Maya so far. For some reason, the Philippines has really crappy butter – generally very high water content (which screws up recipes big-time) and lower than average quality.

I have been known to literally fill a whole grocery cart with powdered sugar in boxes when they don’t have the bulk plastic bags available… finally, all through the year I keep my eyes out for good brown sugar like muscovado that looks, feels and smells like brown sugar should.

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