Endpoint proactive threat protection not updating

23-Nov-2017 20:55

Users want to use the device of their choice to access the organization’s applications, data, and resources not only from the internal network but also from anywhere.This phenomenon is also known as the consumerization of IT.The implementation of the risk management strategy, therefore, balances investment in prevention, detection, and response.Because mobile devices are increasingly being used to access corporate information, some way to evaluate device security or health is required.An efficient end-to-end security approach is able to evaluate device health and use the current security state when granting access to a high-value asset.

Windows 10 is an important component of an end-to-end security solution that focuses not only on the implementation of security preventive defenses, but adds device health attestation capabilities to the overall security strategy.

Rather than the traditional focus on the prevention of compromise, an effective security strategy assumes that determined adversaries will successfully breach any defenses.