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12-Aug-2017 02:26

Contradictorily, wars are fought for ages in the name of religion.

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That is why the great philosopher Allama Iqbal had opined that nothing has hurt Islam more than historical Islam.

After reading Shourie's book, I was reminded of Katherine Mayo's Mother India; she had dug out the worst in every aspect of Indian life.

Such books have also been written about other major religions and their mentors: their detractors too have been no less critical and hostile.

But what purpose do they serve, except to cause pain, anger and resentment among the followers? Shourie's definition of a fatwa itself is incorrect; it is not a ruling but an opinion by a moulvi, who has no special place in Islam, which does not recognise priesthood. Even during the heyday of Muslim rule, under the Umayyids, the Abbasids or the Ottomans, it was enforceable only when sanctioned by the ruler.This also explains why all religions have subdued women as an inferior race.