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- I'd bet chronic users might be picking up a different sort of nasty ailment: You get a little too accustomed to serving up your unfiltered thoughts. This desensitization makes it easy not just to say anything, but do anything.

The easier it becomes to shoot from the hip on these sites, the easier it'll be to do it with people you know. Among the very few girls I spoke with for this blog, one told me she had met a guy on Chatroulette and sent him an explicit video of herself (and regretted it later).

You can be cruel, or just unkind, or sexually explicit, and none of it really matters.

While it's fair to point out that you can have fun and keep it clean - no sexually transmitted infections, etc.

First, a bit on how these sites work: sign on to Omegle, click "text" and a message pops up that says, "You are now chatting with a random stranger. " Chatting starts out relatively innocuous, though in the five times I tried, most "strangers" wanted to know if I was male or female, or told me if they were (they were all male).

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Unlike chatting with people you know, you really can say anything here, and there truly are no consequences.AF thinks these sites are okay as long as girls stay smart.She advises girls to remember that "people are probably going on with the intention of upsetting the other 'stranger'" and not to take anything you hear too seriously. When I used the sites, my heart rate increased uncomfortably; even though I knew I couldn't be "found," I still felt nervous about being seen.

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I also felt a surprising twinge of rejection and even hurt when people disconnected from me.' Sometimes you disconnect and try again, but almost all the time my friends play along.