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The region to the south of the river Minho was referred to as provincia Portucalense as early as 841, taking its name from the port of Cale on whose site the city of Oporto was later built.

It was established as a separate administrative territory by the kings of Asturias towards the end of the ninth century, with a governor ("dux") appointed for life by the crown.

Her rule caused resentment among local leaders, and she and her second husband were defeated and expelled from Portugal in 1128 by her son dom Afonso Henriquez. Portugali Rex, dated Oct 1209, bequeathed property to ...nepos meus Infans Donnus Regin Donn Tharasi...

After the death of Alfonso VI King of Castile in 1109, the county of Portugal enjoyed de facto independence, due largely to the troubles faced by Queen Urraca in Castile after her accession.

The dating clause of the charter dated , under which Tello Telliz..coniuge mea Maior Suariz donated "divisa..villa...

Oterolo iusta flumen Aratogie territorio Castro Froila..fuit de Pelagio Pelaiz" to Iohan Flainiz, records Henricus comes in Alcamora et in Astorica simul in Portugal.... (Guimares , separated 1195, annulled for consanguinity 1198) as his first wife, her first cousin, ALFONSO IX King of Len, son of FERNANDO II King of Len & his first wife Infanta dona Urraca de Portugal (Zamora -Villanueva de Sarra , bur Santiago de Compostela, Cathedral Santiago el Mayor).

The name Portugal is first found in a document of 883.

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By the middle of 11th century, the office of dux was no longer being filled, the King of Castile and Len appointing local administrators ("meirinhos") to supplant the influence of the local aristocracy. Aldona", adding that Blanca died "en Guadalaxara" and was buried "en S. Portugali Rex, dated Oct 1209, bequeathed property to ...nepos meus Infans Donnus Regin Donn Tharasi...

His aunt Constance Queen of Castile invited him to the court of Castile. He was granted Mallorca as a fief for life in 1231 by Jaime I King of Aragon, in return for confirmation of the latter's title to the county of Urgel: Infans D. Portugalensium Rex et uxor mea Dona Dulcia..filiis nostris Rege Domno Aldphonso et Rege Domno Petro et Rege Domno Fernando et filiabus nostris Regina Dona Therasia et Regina Domna Sancia donated paludem de Otta to Alcobaa monastery by charter dated Mar Era 1228 [1189 or 1190 if O. Although the protg of Philippe II King of France, he exiled several prominent Francophiles after arriving in Flanders and opened negotiations with England.