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02-Aug-2017 04:14

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This divergence is at the center of every “Black Mirror” story, and the center of every joke, too.

(“Black Mirror” can be hilarious in a mirthless kind of way). Each game, tool, device or “killer app” from these six hours is hardly from the extreme outer edges of science fiction. Surely there’s an engineer at Google wondering how human consciousness can be digitized. How much longer before a precise facsimile of each of us can be uploaded into a virtual world?

It’s a fitting reference given the climate we’re in right now in which women, in particular black women, are calling for a reckoning with white male power. Callister,” in which characters find themselves stuck acting out the fantasy of one dissatisfied man.

We also see this explored in the season opener, “U. The question itself also reflects who we’ve become in this digital culture in which we often find ourselves with so many options, both good and bad, that we’ve become unaffected by traditional human connection.

And after the year we’ve had, it seems perfectly fitting to delve into this bleak batch of episodes in which we see characters desperately try, disastrously fail, then try again mostly to get absolutely nowhere.

As a result, the goal for many of them becomes mere satisfaction, the feeling of achieving a temporary fulfillment that comes with a price.

Like most addictions, those of “Black Mirror” rarely end well. There’s the mom who implants a device in her daughter’s head to pixelate life’s unpleasant little moments for her.

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Technology advances at light speed while we remain stuck — per poet William Butler Yeats — in the foul rag-and-bone shop of our hearts.For dating, it also means hook-up culture has taken precedence.

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