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24-Jun-2017 09:57

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By assuming a friendly demeanor, exchanging pleasantries and making eye contact with people, you create a connection.

If and when there’s a potential match, they’ll think of it on their own. Don’t overlook the possibility of networking in the office for social opportunities.

Here are the four most common ways people meet their spouses after college, along with some suggestions on how to get things moving: Office romances frequently end in marriage. Forty percent of people say they have dated a coworker at least once, and of those relationships, 30% end in marriage. One young woman I know met her boyfriend when one of the firm’s partners invited her to lunch with his son.

The woman in the cube next to you may have a cute brother, or a boyfriend who knows some good guys.

The odds of meeting your future husband in line at Starbucks or in a crosswalk may be slim, but this is the fourth most common way people meet their spouses.

You don’t need to be on the prowl every time you drop off your dry cleaning.Filter in any guy who seems interesting or funny, regardless of how lame or goofy or meh his picture looks.