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02-Sep-2017 05:31

He said: 'The biggest headache they had was keeping the locals out, there were 145 people they stopped getting in on Friday night.'It was much the same on the Saturday night, trying to access it from this area and the surrounding area, because of the footpaths that run through it.''Yes, there were sexual things going on, but only in the licensed and secure areas.

The new version will “capture the authentic adventures of a group of kids age 10-12 as they head to summer camp, join in exciting and challenging outdoor activities, establish tight bonds with bunkmates and create unforgettable memories,” says the channel.

A post mortem will now be held to establish the exact cause of death.

Zulhash Uddin, ward councillor for High Brooms and Tunbridge Wells at the local council, has called for a full review of safety measures at future events.

It was also revealed tonight that the woman was out of intensive care in hospital.

He said: 'I am appalled and disgusted by the sex party. Then we heard this morning there was a death here and I was really, really shocked.'The 47-year-old said he regularly walks in the woodland with his five-year-old daughter, but fortunately was alone when he spotted the revellers at around 6.30pm near a public footpath. We heard at the beginning it was two ladies who had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.'We've since been told it was a man in his 50s and a young woman. It's so sad.'Maybe they were cold and put a stove in their tent or something? The police have been there all morning.'A black private ambulance drove out of the campsite today carrying the body of the man.

The farmer described the elaborate outfits worn by revellers and detailed the camping arrangements.