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The portion of the wall foundation is to the right and is about the center of the west wall. You will also see the four cannons pointing to the south (on the south side of the Plaza.These four cannons and several around downtown are British cannons and came from this fort, the British Fort of Pensacola, and Fort George.Fort George is further up Palafox Street directly across from First Baptist Church.direction of the fort as it sat in 1754.The slightly crooked line on the right shows the shore line of the bay. This shows how much the shore line increased from the amount of ship traffic in the bay for about 70 years.Gonzalez later donated the land to the City of Pensacola.Manuel boarded Andrew and Rachel 5 to 6 times before Florida officially became America's.It is full (front to back, top to bottom, floor to floor) of the awesome history of the area. This is the historical waymarker and the site where the opera once was.Beyond the one story structures seen in the photo, it gives you a better understanding and visual of how big this building was.

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His service was as a farmer/rancher, businessman, military advisor and a politicaly minded representative of Spain.

The Pensacola Police Department actually started on July 18th.

BUT..., the fire department had actually already started. This is at Plaza Ferdinand VII looking from the southeast corner.

He created two railroads in the Florida Panhandle and served as the mayor of Pensacola, Florida and in the Florida State Senate.

After he had furthered his education, he enlisted in the 9th Kentucky Infantry, fighting for the Confederacy.Chipley created the Democratic Executive Committee in Muscogee County, Georgia in the late 1860s, and was its first director.