Reviews on elite singles dating website

12-Aug-2017 10:17

It makes it hard to trust these sites A misleading and unclear sign-up process to an expensive site.

Barely a handful of matches in 3 months that even live in my State.

Can't search for matches myself, have to rely on their system which is flawed. I am stuck with fees for 3 months and resent every penny. Elite are IDIOTS, i don't care about paying 9 for 6mths BUT the matches are rubbish, utter crap.. Elite are idiots, just in for the money and preserving a fake reputation.

There is no way to clear the 'dead wood' from my page so the 'matches' are constantly shown as 'new'. sorry to tell you, the worst is: they won't allow you to have your say about yourself, example i said i like to spend most of my time mucking around and they did NOT approve that, rejected the comment.. YEAH you could meet someone and i agree there are reputable people on there but only because there is a price to pay and its not free, that something positive about elite, yes ..

The page designs waste a lot of screen space with useless brand messaging rather than the content you want and expect - quality matches.

Functionality is very poor, making the user experience frustrating.

I've changed my credit card and I've filled out a form from my bank to dispute the payment.

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These have listed themselves as “unemployed”, “pensioner” or similar. It shows the “new mail” alert even when it’s you that’s sent the mail.

elite pricing attracts people that are serious on meeting someone, shows people are genuine.

Make sure you cancel the account and not just deactivate it.

I had to pay for a full 6 months up front and they automatically renewed the subscription after 6 months. Unfortunately they automatically took it from my account.

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I've deleted my profile and cancelled everything.

All subscriptions auto renew without warning by default... My parting words when asked why I was cancelling my account.... everytime and then take the strongest of legal action against you even if you cancel. Be warned, if you do not cancel you account IN WRITING 24hours PRIOR to the end day they will renew it without consent to the same time period you signed up for.

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