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I.5's latest recruit Dr Skyler Tidwell accompanies her on an assignment that takes them from the undiscovered tombs of Egypt to the deepest jungle of Sierra Leone.On an undercover mission to assist investigating into the murder of a team of archaeologists, Addison and Skyler discover not only the resting place of Egypt's most legendary architect, but also priceless artefacts, precious gems, deadly retribution and a plot to bring down and hold the world at ransom.Afternoon Meanderings - Xenalicious Pure smut rewritten with an unforgettable twist. From different backgrounds, the scenario of the wrong side of the tracks.Again - Kim Pritekel They were best friends in college, roommates for over three years. Caden gets pregnant, and must abandon her dreams to submit ot a life of motherhood and marriage to a man who doesn't love her.This is the story of two women who would do anything for a chance to be together. Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together........sometimes all it takes is a kiss..........

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And that's all I can say about it, really, without giving away parts of the plot, so you'll just have to read it if you're curious ;).

After Midnight - Firefly Janice is in a romantic mood.

I traced it to Beyonce's performance at the 2014 VMAs where she's onstage..joke is that she's on stage half naked humping a couch with the word feminism behind her. But then I realized, that's the most feminist thing a mom could do because if my mom was onstage humping a couch it would inspire me to never do that.… continue reading »

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