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Each was probably thinking, "if she calls me on stage I'm going to have to force myself to eat that! Special note has to be made for those who made the banner possible. So I glanced back at him and he was doing this finger heart sign at me! I can never thank him and Bench enough for bringing Shin Hye to Manila. " Yes, that may or may not be true but he could have chosen any other Korean actress or KPop idol but he didn't!

"Wondered what the buzz was about when Shin Hye placed some avocado slices on the sandwich and remembered, to us Filipinos, except for those who are familiar with guacamole, avocado is more popular as a dessert than as a savory dish. Even when she was cutting eyes and nose for the rabbit rice balls it was like everyone was waiting for each and every reaction she was going to have to which the audience wasn't disappointed and oohed, aaahed, smiled, sighed and/or giggled. Thank you to these individual Starlight Angels, Bryan @smelly-poop and his brother for the design and making the banners appear at the event like magic, Rachel @Love My Hacci and Mayen @sanplawer for their input and financial support. At the end as people were going out Mr Chan and I happen chanced to glance at each other across the rows of chairs and I said thank you very much and bowed and he bowed back, even pressing his palms together like a monk and bowed again. I laughed and with my shock I did the same sign but the wrong way- forefinger over the thumb and twisted my hand too! He got Park Shin Hye and that is a big enough deal for me!

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Park Shin Hye's Manila leg of Flower of Angel 2017 Fan Meeting was a big success!

The love and support that her fans, Starlight Angels, have shown her was overwhelming and heartwarming! You know how in concerts they start with a bang and it causes such a loud deafening sound of feet stamping, hands clapping, people almost in a frenzy shouting and jumping or bouncing on their seats, and the uproar doesn't die fast but lingers and hangs in the air?

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My heart was bursting as I walked closer and closer to the stage! I tried to calm down this young girl beside me who got so scared she was about to cry." Then explained that her kids from Shin Hye Center were in the coliseum watching thus the whole FM has to be wholesome. She chose one of my favorite scenes, the one where Hye Jung told Ji Hong to leave her and go where he belongs. The consultation portion had a touch of drama but SH's positive and pragmatic treatment... My guess is they're saying one more picture with us.