Tantra dating website

23-Nov-2017 02:14

This is why Tantra offers so many tools to awaken, channel and control the sexual energy: it is simply something too valuable to be wasted.

Because of this positive approach to sexuality, intimate relationships abound within the communities that develop around a Tantric teacher and school.

The original meaning of Tantra (literally “warp”or “web”) refers to a complex system of beliefs and practices arising in India around the 5th-6th century A. What makes Tantra novel and different from other spiritual traditions is that it is, first and foremost, a holistic approach to life and spirituality.

The word “warp” itself implies that everything in the Universe is interwoven and interconnected.

In Tantra, the manifested world that we can perceive with the five senses deserves the same degree of respect and adoration as its counterpart: the Spirit or Consciousness.

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There is a general perception that, in modern Tantric schools, open relationships are encouraged over monogamous relationships.

Through the correct use of the body, we can not only live a healthy and long life, but also unlock the mysteries of the Universe.

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