Updating r4 card

16-Nov-2017 04:14

updating r4 card-67

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3b45ef2 : ART: Fix Verify Object runtime verification 0396ed7 : Improve art:: Code Info dumping.

33bf245 : [optimizing] x86: Prefer add over lea if possible 5b09ea0 : ART: Use k Bad Fpr Base on mips64 and arm64.

If your RTS cards cannot support firmware update for the moment, please be patient, the new patch will be released soon.

[2016-09-21] カーネルはどうやってバージョンしますか。 カードリーダーにてTFカードをパソコンに接続し、ディスクのファイルを開く。 a.

24128c6 : ART: Rename graph dump file name to 'graph.cfg' 7114119 : ART: Implement next-line assertions in Checker 6423cf5 : ART: Refactor and simplify matching in Checker 39b6c24 : Intercept JNI invocation of String. 540cc3d : ART: Use v2 version of Native Bridge struct 2debd80 : Fix a cts crash around proxy class fields.

0ae3bf8 : ART: Fix gtest dependency aab9f73 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for JIT 3f1dc56 : ART: Fix Register Native order e1bbed2 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for non-compiled run-tests 799681b : ART: Refactor Unstarted Runtime for testing 7381010 : ART: CFI Test db0bbab : Introduce a Near Label in thumb2.

f1a9ff7 : ART: Mark constructor 'explicit' c7a2485 : ART: Revert change to Live Range:: Dump 57f6161 : Stack walking of inlined frames.

updating r4 card-54

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07276db : Don't do a null test in Mark GCCard if the value cannot be null.0de1133 : Fix debuggable compiler flag detection for secondary dex files 2b846ed : Fix the size of a Stack Handle Scope in art:: Compiler Driver.

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