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Keep in mind that the actual pronunciation of a word often changes when used in everyday conversation (rather than in isolation, as found here).

If you encounter a word you don't know, then use a dictionary (an English-English is recommended) to find the definition for each.

Thus, students need to learn how to understand and use vocabulary in everyday situations.

Teachers can assign students to listen to the vocabulary and practice pronouncing the words on their own.

Students should also prepare sample sentences for each, read over the Follow-Up questions, and come to class ready to share their answers and responses.

A FAMILIAR face to millions on Sky Sports News, Hayley Mc Queen has worked her way up from Richard and Judy runner to national sports anchor.

Blessed with a famous footballing father, Hayley began her career on the chat show before heading into sports broadcasting.DAUGHTER of former Leeds and Manchester United player Gordon Mcqueen, Hayley is better known for fronting Sky Sports News and MUTV.